Turn complex technical information into compelling marketing or customer support copy.

Get simple, concise copy for web, email and audio/visual content channels. I write short-form copy (up to 1000 words) for public-facing delivery.

  • company profiles, product descriptions, summaries of long-form content

  • up to 350 words

  • web, email, audio/visual delivery

Technical Writing
  • user help, product tutorials, FAQs

  • up to 1000 words

  • web, audio/visual delivery



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I offer 20+ years of writing experience combining technical writing, news writing and copywriting. I've written content for companies ranging from startups to organizations including Sun Microsystems, CCI Marketing, Precision Reach, and the College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University.


During my graduate program (MAg Agricultural Sciences [Extension Education], Colorado State University), I trained to be a cooperative extension educator, using extension resources to develop agricultural education content for local community needs. During my undergraduate program (BS Agriculture [Agricultural Communications], University of Wyoming), I trained to be an agricultural content writer. I completed extensive training in agribusiness, animal science, journalism, technical writing and business writing.

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​David Robert Jackson

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Sierra Vista, Arizona

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